Freedom Steps

by Amber Hunter

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Alex Cook
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Alex Cook This lady is great! So honest and pure hearted. Strong and faithful. "Where I'm From" makes a beautiful point about spiritual vs. human origins. Thanks Amber! Favorite track: Where I'm From.
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These songs are my journal entries.

They're my tears and prayers.
They’re the joyful moments when I feel most alive.

They're my haunting questions and my search for truth.
These songs are my deepest longings and my heart spilled out.

I hope my story will intersect with yours in a meaningful way to bring courage and freedom.

With love,



released September 14, 2012

Produced, engineered and mixed by Brian Whitman
Mastered by Roger Seibel
Cover Art: Joseph “Sentrock” Perez
Drums: Tim Rahman
Keys: Brian Whitman
Guitars: Brian Whitman and Amber Hunter, Richard Lam
Bass: Alex Kyhn
Horns: Joseph Leyva, Bill Tole, Julian Peterson
Strings on Surgery, Warner and The Truth: David Davidson
Violin on Eyes and This Pain: Tobie Milford
Lead Vocals: Amber Hunter
Additional Vocals: Jordan Coleman, Chrystal Stewart, Rachel Oludiji, Ree Boado, Noel Barto, Brian Whitman
Gang Vocals on Eyes, Freedom Road, and Love
Angela Smith, Noel Barto, Shannon Murphy, Aaron Dotterer, Cliff Hunter, Millie Rodriguez, Jose Baca, Erin Rankin, Raquel Denis, Chris & Raquel Williams, Matthew Bopp, Richard & April Lam, Steve Lynch, Anna Dufek, Ryan Sadler, Natalie Clarke, Jenna Milazzo, Steve Deckel, Kelly Massey, Megan Comstock, Matt Nunez, Jessica Pigué,



all rights reserved


Amber Hunter Phoenix, Arizona

These songs are my journal entries.

They're my tears and prayers.
They’re the joyful moments when I feel completely alive!

They're my haunting questions and my search for truth.
These songs are my deepest longings and my heart spilled out.

I hope my story will intersect with yours in a meaningful way to bring courage and freedom.

With love,

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Track Name: Love!
Love takes its time, don’t rush it, it’s worth waiting for
Like a flower bursting open, like a bird learns how to soar
And if you find it, I mean the real thing,
you’ll have a treasure worth so much more
Than any silver or gold or anything in this world
cause it can’t be bought or sold

Oh Love, la la la love. La la la love love love me
And I’ll love, la la la love la la la love love love you

If you’re not so sure what you’re looking for,
let me tell you the signs, love is patient and kind
It’s a breath of fresh air when you’re barely alive, and it will revive
your heart, your soul and your mind,
it’s constant forgiveness and endless grace
It gives health to the bones and lights up the face,
it doesn’t fly off the handle or get bent out of shape,
you’re sure to finish the race if love is setting the pace

Love wakes up the sleeper and ignites a flame
It touches hard and hollow hearts so they can never be the same
The cup is more than half full, it’s filled and overflowing
Love shines on blossoming dreams and you can see ‘em growing
It’s vibrant color to the eyes and music to the ears
It purifies my mind and casts out all my fear,
oh now tell me do ya hear it
Track Name: Candle Leaping
Candle Leaping
A cigarette sits pressed between his lips, tipped and lit, it’s bittersweet
Twirled through calloused fingertips, he flicks and kills it with his feet
Searing sun, palo verde tree, back meets bark, he feels the heat
Hand meets heart, he feels it beat, stares and sighs, it’s incomplete

Is there love for these hearts? Is there beauty for these eyes?
Can we get some peace of mind? Is there truth for all the lies?

He bites his lip and rubs his eye, holds his breath and shoos a fly
Squints and scans the sweeping sky. Wonders when and whispers, “why?”
He feels it deep and wants it bad to fill the cavern in his core
Chicken scratch on his warn notepad, lonely latch on a labyrinth door

Rosy mouth, resplendent hair, her garden grows in golden light
She paints a picture, prays a prayer and kisses away his night
Holding her helps him forget his unavailing breath
His fleeting, failing, futile course and his impending death
Track Name: Eyes
Eyes sparkle, eyes glow, they wave goodbye and say hello
Eyes are brown, green, hazel, blue, I’ll fix my eyes on you
Eyes smile, eyes frown, tears flow and eyes drown
A package deal, not one but two, I’ll fix my eyes on you

Eyes open, eyes close, eyes conceal and eyes expose
Look carefully, they’ll give a clue. I’ll fix my eyes on you
Eyes peep and eyes blink. Eyes wander, eyes wink
Eyes stare and stick like glue, I’ll fix my eyes on you

Eyes are wide and eyes are deep, they laugh and scream and sigh and weep
They look and lock and pierce right through, I’ll fix my eyes on you
Eyes are fragile, eyes go blind. Eyes are pathways to the mind
Give me eyes to see what’s true. I’ll fix my eyes on you

I will throw off every weight that holds me back
Keep my eyes locked on you, keep these feet on track
You are so beautiful, You are so true, so I will fix my eyes on You
Track Name: Where I'm From
Where I’m From
I’m from my dad Doug Hunter, a man with a heavy heart
Whose words were as desperate as beggars cries
and as sharp as darts
I’m from his house of cards, that we’d shoot down with rubber bands
I’m from the depth of his sorrow, I’m from his artistic hands

You ask me where I’m from, I’m from the heart of God
You ask me why I’ve come, I’ve come to love

I’m from that bitter day, when I found out he was locked up in a cage
Cause he bowed down to darkness and became its slave, when he shot down a man in a fit of rage
I’m from heartbroken tears, I’m from walls of shame
I’m from a lonely place of confusion and anger, disguises and blame

You ask me where I’m from, I’m from the mercy of my God
You ask me why I’ve come, I’ve come to love

I’m from a woman named Trudy, I came out of her womb.
I’m from her turtle neck sweaters and her vanilla perfume.
I’m from the warmth of her smile, I’m from her dark brown hair
I’m from her humble heart, and all her love and care

You ask me where I’m from, I’m from the grace of God
You ask me why I’ve come, I’ve come to love

I’m from the One called Jesus. I’m from His perfect life
I’m from His love and His grace. I’m from His sacrifice.
He gave sight to the blind, and crushed the captive’s chains.
He loves unconditionally and He’s taught me to do the same.

You ask me where I’m from, I’m from the faithfulness of God.
You ask me why I’ve come, I’ve come to love.
You ask me why I’m here today, I’m here to love.
Track Name: Freedom Road
Freedom Road
Don't let that barbed wire wrap around your heart;
Don't let those prison bars lock away your soul
Don't let those lies tell you who you are;
You still have time to turn and walk down freedom road

Freedom road is paved with mercy. Freedom road is paved with love.
Freedom road with paved with one man's tears and flowing blood.

It’s not too late look up to the heavens.
We still have time to turn from where we’ve been
So cannon ball into that rushin’ river.
Wash off the night so light can rise within

You’re free to move your feet! You’re free to change
! Rise with a lion’s heart, press through your pain
Reject your fear to fall and all your shame.
Throw off the guilt you carry like a ball and chain

No need to fear the fiery furnace or those heavy stones.
No need to fear the devil’s schemin’, no you’re not alone
These shackles will not hold, your freedom can’t be sold.
So stand up strong and sing a song down freedom road

Those bars can’t keep out your peace.
Those walls can’t seal out your hope
Those guards can’t stop you from walking down freedom road
Your soul won’t be enslaved, your love won’t be confined,
your joy won’t be restrained you will be free inside

Freedom road leads to a banquet. Freedom Road Leads to a Throne
Freedom road leads to our Father, Freedom road leads me on home
Track Name: Solitude
I'm suffocating, I can't breathe
I know I'm blessed but I can't seem to even process where I am
A swirling whirlwind in my head
there's no peace and there's no rest, and I can barely catch my breath

Oh, I could use a little solitude; that's for sure
Lord knows I need a little solitude

I could use a change of pace, a settled heart, a quiet place
Where I can rest my weary soul
And in the stillness I can find myself a little peace of mind
and there restore what chaos stole

I need a place where I can hear my Maker whisper in my ear
I've got a hold of you child
I need a deep deep sleep, maybe I need to weep
Can I get real with you Father
Track Name: The Truth
The Truth
Sometimes I veil the scars upon my face, but then I find the makeup is a lonely hiding place
Sometimes I hide my insecurities, cause if you know what I really think,
I’m afraid you might agree, but

Tonight I’m telling you the truth, and tonight I’m giving you the chance
To see what’s hidden underneath so you can love me just the way I am

Sometimes I hide the darkness in my soul, because I fear that you’ll reject me if you know
It’s like I locked the door and lost the only key,
I long to know how much the truth can set me free

You might think my heart is brave, revealing all my shame
But more than brave, I’m weary and desperate for a change
The truth is, I don’t want to hide my weakness anymore
And I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide yours
Track Name: Empty
I'm tempted to believe I could satisfy your soul, but I can't.
I could never. Don't you know?
I'm tempted to believe you could fill up all my holes, but you can't.
You could never make me whole.

We're both made out of dust and it's just a little crush,
and what's so wrong with letting our hearts run free tonight?
Oh but can't you see, in the morning we will be empty, empty, even more empty when I leave

Don't you know that I can't stay, cause I'm heading out the other way,
we can't give back the things we take and I don't want your heart to break.
I'm so joyful, you're drawn to me, when you lively heart is lonely
You're magnetic and I'm longing for a pair of arms to hold me
Why so many strikes against us.. insurmountable are these walls
Why don't these things ever line up when I let me heart fall?

Let's not be too careless with our hearts,
let's be sure the marks we leave aren't scars
Track Name: Sugar Beauty
Sugar Beauty
You are so sweet like a honey comb,
like sugar cane, like a snow come
You are so free like the wind blows,
like bare feet and sand between my toes
You are as warm as the summertime,
like a campfire and a cup ‘o chai
You light me up like a firefly, like a friendly smile

You are fresh like rearranging, like a new haircut,
like season changing
You are so exhilarating, like roller coasters at the top and fires blazing
You have my attention like a whisper in my ear.
Like a shooting star, like a falling tear
You lift my spirit like a good song on repeat
and when I’m near you I’m on the edge of my seat

I hope you know just how I feel about you,
I don’t want to go anywhere without you
And I don’t, I don’t care what they might say about you
I want to share your beauty with the world

You’re moment after precious moment of pure and perfect bliss
You’re as sacred as a covenant, you’re as tender as a kiss
You soothe me like silence, like burning incense
You move me like a choir singing songs of deliverance
You’re the hip to my hop, the snap crackle pop,
you’re the ice cream, the sprinkles, the cherry on top
I love when you linger, I run when you knock,
You’re the ring on my finger, the key to my lock
and when you hit the scene like and electric shock,
you pierce my heart and make my mouth drop, oh
Oh Oh, I just can’t stop talkin’ about your love!
Track Name: This Pain
This Pain
I try to be so strong, I tell them what they want to hear
Feels like it’s been so long, and I wish you were still here

I’m not as okay as I like to say
and this pain is more than they know,
more than I show. It hurts everyday

Your heart, it ticked like a clock. But I felt your love even when it stopped
When I leaned into your cold, pale skin, I knew that death must come for new life to begin

And now I want to fly away with you, to a place where all things old are made brand new

I still remember that day like yesterday when you were lifted up and carried away
You closed your eyes and fell asleep in perfect peace, so bittersweet cause how I long to celebrate

I try to be so strong, I tell them what they want to hear
And I know it won’t be long, but I still wish you were here
Track Name: Warner
Wool woven eyes, cosmetic cloak.
Love potion lies, mirrors and smoke
We all have a soul to safeguard or sell,
the living and dying choose heaven or hell

I'll cry for you until you find your own tears
I'll plead for you until you find your own prayers

You pledge allegiance to the ancient serpent,
a tool tethered to his greedy, grisly hands
Don't you know your master doesn't love you? You're a bondman in his land.
You bask in your independence. Sure that you're the god of you
but you're broken, bent and bowed down. You do whatever he tells you to

I'll feel it deep when your heart is numb
I'll plant my feet when you turn and run
I'll spread my arms & I'll spill my blood
and I'll rise again, if you'll come to love
Track Name: Heal These Wounds
Heal These Wounds
I'd stay here for hours if I thought that You would speak
I'd sit in the silence if I thought You'd talk to me
But sometimes I'm afraid that You won't say a thing
So I fill the quiet void with these six strings

It's been a long long time since I've been this still
Maybe if I could learn to hear Your voice, then I would know Your will
Even now, it breaks my heart to tell You how I feel
Cause I love You, I just need some time to heal (x2)

So won't You heal, heal these wounds; they're deeper than I knew
Deeper than I ever knew.
Won't You heal, heal these wounds; these band-aids just won't due
I need a touch from You

I feel like a mess here, with wet cheeks and swollen eyes
I guess it's comforting to know that I still have tears to cry
Even if You won't tell me all the reasons why
I know You hear me, so please don't pass me by!